About Us

M/S. SURTI & TALATI is a firm of Chartered Accountants established in 1995 to render timely, independent and objective counsel in the areas pertaining to Internal Audit, Statutory Audit, accounting, auditing, Indirect taxation Direct Taxation, Financial and Business Planning, Valuations, Systems Audit, Project Financing, management consultancy and Other variants of Audit, (like Concurrent Audit, Management Audit etc.), Translation of Accounts, Setting systems of Accounts etc. Our clients demand and we provide the special qualities of professional rigor, confidentiality and integrity required by the clients of all forms and sizes.
The firm has its offices equipped with all the modern facilities of communication and computer facilities at Aknleshwar, Vadodara and Dahod. The firm is having affiliates office at various other major locations in India.
SURTI & TALATI, CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS vision is to be the preferred Accountants and Business Advisors to Organisations striving for meticulous compliance of Business Laws and / or striving for dramatic improvements in the performance.
At SURTI & TALATI, our mission is to practice, at all times, in a manner which shall enable our clients to meticulously comply the relevant Business Laws and which shall enable our clients to significantly improve their performance, capability and proactively manage the change by providing them timely, independent, objective and cost-effective services in the capacity of Chartered Accountants and Management Consultants.
Certain core values which we scrupulously adhere are as follows. They are:
  • Take on only those assignments, which are absolutely essential for the client and those we can perform well.
  • Deliver innovative business solutions that are radical but practical.
  • Ensure that the client’s interests come first at all times.
  • Challenge the client’s point of view, if we are convinced otherwise.
  • Nurture an ongoing relationship with the client as business partners and earn their loyalty and recommendation.
  • Maintain client’s confidentiality at all times.
  • Thrive for client’s satisfaction at all times because it is the incomparable spirit of dedication to client satisfaction which alone will set us apart from other Chartered Accountants and / or Management Consultants.
We firmly believe that each market is unique, every transaction is different and that each client’s needs are specific. We, therefore, customize our services accordingly, representing client’s interests through all phases of initiating and implementing a transaction. Our role is to simultaneously facilitate a negotiation and provide leverage in obtaining the best available terms and conditions. Our process involves building strong information base from market and industry data as well as company specific financial analysis so that clients feel comfortable that they have made the right decision.